The Beginning

How a passion became a life goal.

I myself grew up as a half- orphan with Grandma and Dad. Already in my early childhood, it has drawn me into the world. I then landed very early and always in Africa, 10 years ago then the first time in Nigeria.

I was not only fascinated by the many facets, but also the misery touched me. The poor babies that are simply put down in a bush or in any place, even children who are only exposed no matter what age ...

There is a lot of hiding behind it like witches, children from rape,

Misfortunes to the family and many other reasons to expose them.

Almost all my holidays I flew to the black continent, saw different countries - also with my family ...

The destiny has then bound me even more as i met my husband in Nigeria. It was a mountain ride downhill until we could live our love in Austria. All the more I can now put this power into MY PROJECT, the combat spirit I've never lost.

Again and again I brought down on my holidays gifts for various institutions with THANKS  were received ... Likewise the food I bought locally - with the survival for a short time was secured.

The idea came into my head long time ago, so I started collecting donations in kind to bring more than just a suitcase full. Through a Facebook posting I noticed that many people are willing to help - so I got even more energy to start something great. And now we stand in our children's shoes and wait for the GO of the Austrian authorities - so we have registered the club fastest.

I am happy - here and also in the Social Medias to be able to share any further development with you.

So you know what you have done with me.